Wednesday Walkers ramble report August 2015

It was a lovely day but a little hot on Wednesday 26th August that the Wednesday Walkers set off on a wildflower ramble through the Plunkett Regional Park.

Wednesday Walkers is friendship group derived mainly from members of two Brisbane bushwalking clubs, the Catholic Bushwalkers and the Bushwalkers of Southern Queensland.

Of the group of eighteen walkers, four did a short walk and returned to the car park in Quinzeh Creek Road where they met Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) Ranger in Charge, Ian Witheyman. The remaining fourteen went on for a 12 km exploration through the sandstone hills.

wednesday walkers ramble aug 15

As expected the display of late Winter and early Spring wildflowers flowers was magnificent in its variety and spread.

While experienced bushwalker and orienteer, Rob Simson, led the walk along major and minor tracks; wildflower expert, Phil Murray, identified and explained the many different flowers, those in extensive clumps like the plants from the Calytrix, Pultenaea, Dillwynia and Leptospermum species; or the more singular and isolated plants of the Swansonia, Melichrus and Hibbertia species.

The views from the major lookouts proved worth the climb, not just looking out over the new Yarrabilba development, but seeing all the way in the clear air to Cunninghams Gap, the Main Range and Mt. Barney and Mt. Lindesay.

On the way back a short off-track walk took the group to the interesting rock formation that Rob called the Lego Blocks where some time was spent scrambling around the interesting boulders and fissures below the canopy of the spreading Eucalyptus planchoniana.

The Plunkett Hills is such an interesting area that it is surprising that there is no reference to it in the Queensland Museum publication called Wild Places of Greater Brisbane, despite covering the Karawatha and White Rock bushland areas, where the flower displays are not usually so spectacular.

The walkers were pleased to see the efforts being made by QPWS and Friends of Plunkett to control keep out the trail bikes and 4WDs that have caused so much damage and erosion over the years, and to work on restoration of damaged areas.

(Report by Rob Simson)

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