Roadworks in Plunkett October 2015

Recent road works undertaken at Plunkett Regional Park were implemented to repair damage from the 70 mm rainfall event in May 2015.

The 70 mm deluge fell in less than 1 hour which scoured the road surface throughout the park. Hopes Contracting was engaged to make some repairs on Ally’s Break and Grass Tree Break.

plunkett roadworks 1

Road maintenance plays an important part of park management. Good road access conditions are integral to fire management and management trails also provide recreational opportunities to the public.

It’s particularly important for all road users to allow park access roads to dry after wet weather to avoid unnecessary damage to the road surface.

The Plunkett area has a high clay content in the local soils which makes the road surface extremely susceptible to severe damage in wet conditions.

plunkett roadworks 2

In 2013/14 extensive road improvements and hardening were implemented by Grigors Road Construction to improve access in and around the park.

Illegal access in wet weather had caused significant damage to many of the roads within the Plunkett/Wickham reserves.

This much needed road infrastructure maintenance has greatly improved access throughout the park for recreation users and land managers.

plunkett roadworks 3

Reminder: Motor traffic (4WDs and motor bikes) is not permitted in the Park without the authorisation of Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service rangers.

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