Propagation Teamwork Benefits Plunkett Regeneration

The Society for Growing Australian Plants (SGAP), Logan City Council (LCC) and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) have joined forces to propagate seedlings for Plunkett regeneration sites.

Firstly, QPWS rangers collected seed last spring from around Plunkett Regional Park to propagate seedlings to help with regeneration of degraded sites within the protected area.

Acacias were high on the list with lots of unique species growing in the park including the granite acacia.

SGAP (Logan River Branch) came to the rescue by offering their expertise in propagating native plants. SGAP members and QPWS staff had a seed sowing day a month or two ago sowing 2000 seeds of mixed varieties including Banksia, Pultenaea, Daviesia and Acacia.

propogation 1

A high success rate of germination was achieved due to the skills, experience and knowledge of SGAP members.

Another working bee was held last week to prick out the seedlings and plant them up in 50mm grow tubes. A group of 15 to 20 volunteers potted up 1000 plants in the grow tubes to mature to a size that’s resilient enough to plant up in the Plunkett protected area.

There will be another working-bee held in a months’ time to pot up the remaining 1000 seedlings.

propogation 2

Logan City Council Bushcare staff has offered valuable space at one of their nurseries to hold the plants until they mature. Some of the plants will be used to regenerate some of the area adjacent the old gravel pit at Plunkett.

A working bee will be advertised once the plants are mature to help rehabilitate areas in the Black Rock Break area of Plunkett Regional Park.

propogation 3

With all this great community support Plunkett will be back in great condition in no time.

To get involved why not check out the community planting this weekend (13 March 2016) at the gravel pit on Quinzeh Creek Road. Details are available on the Friends of Plunkett webpage calendar.

Recent rain has been welcomed after a long dry spell in what is usually the wettest time of the year. The extra rainfall will be helpful for the week-end’s activities. Let’s hope it stays fine on the weekend though.

propogation 4

A big thanks to all involved in the propagation work thus far. Thanks to Glenn and the SGAP team for driving this activity and making it happen.

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