Plunkett Bird Survey

On the 23rd and 24th September 2015, five staff members from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) carried out morning bird surveys at six sites located around Plunkett Regional Park and the Wickham Timber Reserve.

bird survey plunkett sep 2015

At each site, all staff performed a total of 20 minutes surveying for birds in all shapes and forms!

At the end of the two mornings, a total of 37 bird species had been recorded over the six sites.

scarlet honey eater

Scarlet Honeyeater (Photo courtesy Atlas of Living Australia)


Some of the more common species recorded at more than one site included the Scarlet Honeyeater, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, White-throated Honeyeater, Striated Pardalote, Noisy Friarbird and White-throated Treecreeper.



Other birds such as the White-browed Scrub-wren, White-bellied Sea-Eagle and Buff-rumped Thornbill were only recorded at one site.

The bird species recorded at each of the six sites will be added to other fauna data (including mammals, reptiles & frogs) recorded at the same sites in November 2014. The records gathered from this survey will be entered into WildNet and will provide information to update existing species lists for Plunkett Regional Park and Wickham Timber Reserve.

This bird list could certainly be added to in the future especially with respect to nocturnal species!

I would like to thank my QPWS colleagues from the Daisy Hill Management Unit and Estate Management Team for making these morning bird surveys a success!

(Report by Melissa Whitby)

Bird Species List – Plunkett Regional Park & Wickham Timber Reserve

Recorded on 23rd/24th September 2015

  1. Torresian Crow
  2. Brown Honeyeater
  3. Scarlet Honeyeater
  4. White-throated Honeyeater
  5. Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike
  6. White-bellied Sea-Eagle
  7. Pale-headed Rosella
  8. Noisy Friarbird
  9. Little Friarbird
  10. Australian Magpie
  11. Mistletoe Bird
  12. King Parrot
  13. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
  14. Striated Pardalote
  15. Spotted Pardalote
  16. Rainbow Bee-eater
  17. White-throated Treecreeper
  18. Grey Butcherbird
  19. Pied Butcherbird
  20. Pied Currawong
  21. Buff-rumped Thornbill
  22. Rainbow Lorikeet
  23. Laughing Kookaburra
  24. Leaden Flycatcher
  25. Grey Shrike-Thrush
  26. Rufous Whistler
  27. Weebill
  28. Olive-backed Oriole
  29. Red-browed Finch
  30. White-browed Scrub-wren
  31. Galah
  32. Common Bronzewing
  33. Eastern Whipbird
  34. Grey Fantail
  35. Pheasant Coucal
  36. Peaceful Dove
  37. Bar-shouldered Dove
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