Planting at Gravel Pit November 2015

Back in May 2015, Friends of Plunkett was awarded a Logan City Council EnviroGrant to be used for planting in the neglected old quarry or gravel pit on Quinzeh Creek Road.

In preparation for the planting, a number of meetings were held on site and advice sought from Logan City Council and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service staff.

The end result was a plan to conduct two community planting events – one in November 2015 and the other around March 2016.

Three areas were selected for re-vegetation, and the first planting was to involve about 800 plants, comprising trees, shrubs and grasses.

For those interested, the final list of plants chosen was:

plunkett planting list 1

The planting was scheduled to commence at 8 am on Sunday 15 November – about 30 eager volunteers had registered to help, and a barbeque lunch was planned to reward the workers.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast was for dangerous conditions on the Sunday, and with respect for people’s safety and also considering insurance implications, the regretful decision was taken to cancel the event.

However, the bad weather did not eventuate (at least not over the gravel pit) and with 800 plants waiting to be put in the ground, a reduced planting workforce of two (!) worked all day to plant about half of the available plants.

The following Sunday 22 November, the same two planters were joined by BushCare staff to plant most of the remaining trees and shrubs.

As time permits, additional tree guards will be installed to protect the plants.

The next planting early in 2016 will involve about 1500 plants so those volunteers who were ready to go this time will have their chance again soon.

plunkett planting nov 2015

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