Planting at Gravel Pit March 2016

We are Friends of Plunkett and we love Plunkett Regional Park.

There are many good reasons for maintaining our park:

  • It provides a safe home for some very unique native plants and animals.
  • It helps to keep our air and water clean and to help us learn about the environment and enjoy its beauty.
  • It is a place for us to relax in and enjoy – bush walking, having a picnic, taking photographs, enjoying the view or taking in fresh air.

We want to nurture our fantastic asset and with the help of Logan City Council (LCC), the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), and our volunteers, we are working to enhance Plunkett Regional Park for all of us to enjoy now and in the future.

Over the past few months Friends of Plunkett has been re-vegetating the old quarry with the assistance of LCC through funding from an EnviroGrant, support from the LCC’s Bushcare group, assistance from the Environment and Sustainability group and our local member, Councillor Don Petersen.

Councillor Petersen not only assists with some funding for Plunkett but more importantly lends a hand at our events and does some hard graft on our planting days.

Our volunteers are amazing and reflect how much we all value Plunkett.

For this planting, a big thank you to Peter, the Logan Village Scouts Jack, Lucy, Paige, Jarrod, Jason, John, Lesley, David, Paul, Alan, Lyn, Sandra, Blaze, Hans, Trisha, Peter and Don.

We ignored the rain and planted 980 native tube stock, plus 300 tree tree guards and stakes. What a great morning.

As always, a thank you to our QPWS Ranger in Charge Ian Witheyman who, with his great team, has been working hard to engage the community and government to support Plunkett and ensure that Plunkett will be available for us and our families in the future to enjoy our native plants and animals.

All up, a great planting day and many more to come – enjoy the pics!

planting march 2016 2 planting march 2016 3 planting march 2016 4 planting march 2016 5 planting march 2016 6 planting march 2016 1


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