Meeting and Site Visit with Logan City Council (LCC)

On 11 March 2020, representatives of Friends of Plunkett and Native Plants Queensland met with senior projects staff in the Planning, Design and Capital Delivery section of Logan City Council’s Parks department, followed by a site visit to the contentious areas around Quinzeh Creek Road at the northern end of the Park.

This meeting and visit was the next step in a process to better protect Plunkett Regional Park from illegal motor vehicle incursions and associated anti-social behaviour raised in November 2019.

It also followed a similar meeting with our local Member for Logan in January 2020.

Since the meeting with Mr Power there has been no improvement in Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services (QPWS) attention to issues in Plunkett, and in fact correspondence we received from LCC on 25 February 2020 stated “On Friday 7 February QPWS advised they are not currently in position to provide a treatment in this location”.

Happily, this most recent meeting with LCC provided a sympathetic hearing, and a recognition that this is a problem which must be fixed. Accordingly, a project plan is being developed with a detailed site assessment, scope of work and cost estimate.

It is likely the project will occur in two stages – the first being to secure access to the Park at the Quinzeh Link and Quarry Break entrances, and the second for car parking and related assets at these popular locations.

Here is an indicator of what could be done (and in fact should be done, given these preliminary plans date back to 2014!):

We will keep you updated on developments, but in the meantime please maintain pressure on our elected representatives at state (Linus Power) and local government (Laurie Koranski).

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2 Responses to Meeting and Site Visit with Logan City Council (LCC)

  1. Kay Covey says:

    I walk up Whickham Peak several times a week. I often pick up rubbish on these walks. This rubbish is mostly alcohol cans and bottles. The peak is being seriously damaged by 4wd and trail bike use. Also evidence of fires being lit at the top. Lately I have seen groups of bike riders ‘enjoying themselves’. Seems to be getting worse. Perhaps more people have free time. This is a magnificent area and needs to be protected from this inappropriate use.

  2. Friend of Plunkett says:

    Logan City Council officers have now finalised a project brief to secure the two contentious access points along Quinzeh Creek Road.

    When this work is complete we should see a significant reduction in illegal motor traffic in the area you mention.

    Please continue to bring this matter to the attention of our local elected representatives – Councillor Laurie Koranski (Logan City Councillor, Division 4) and Linus Power (Member for Logan in the Queensland Legislative Assembly).

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