Lend Lease Community Planting September 2015

Twenty brave Lend Lease employees braved the dreary wet conditions to plant 400 native plant species in the Wickham Timber Reserve (part of the Greater Plunkett Regional Park) on 17th September 2015.

At 6:30 on the morning of  the planned planting, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Lend Lease organisers of the event were monitoring the Bureau of Meteorology radar to make a call whether to go ahead with the activities for the day.

The radar was not looking good with 10 mm of rain already fallen, and cloud and moderate rainfall still moving through from the Dalby area. Lots of organisation had been put into the event so a decision was made to continue with the pans for the day with the potential to scale back the activity depending on rainfall.

With light rain and showers, three sites were planted in the muddy conditions. Fencing and signage was installed at the sites to help protect the plants. Cleaning out post holes was challenging as the heavy clay had a tendency to like sticking to shovels.

Once the planting was complete a walk to Wickham Peak helped remove thick clay from shoes and boots. Conditions were good for walking though views from the top were impeded by the low level cloud and showery conditions.

A big thank you to all the Lend Lease participants for their assistance in helping with the rehabilitation process in the Wickham Timber Reserve. This is the third series of plantings in this area of the reserve.

lend lease planting sep 2015

Lend Lease is the developer of the Yarrabilba community (adjacent to the western side of Plunkett Regional Park), and recognises the value in protecting and preserving the Park.

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