Jabree Limited

Jabree Limited is an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Body that represents the Gold Coast Traditional Owner community.

Over the past few years Jabree has been engaged by Lend Lease to conduct cultural heritage assessment of the Yarrabilba Development.

Cultural heritage surveys conducted in the area of Yarrabilba that border Plunkett Conservation Park and Wickham Timber Reserve have revealed significant cultural sites. The cultural sites include stone artefact scatters, a rock shelter complex and one rock engraving site.

rock shelter complex

The Rock Shelter Complex contains intact archaeological deposit, rock engravings and numerous shelter sites.

The Rock Shelter Complex holds high scientific, cultural and aesthetic value for the Gold Coast Traditional Owner community as it is a unique example of their cultural heritage and represents a material link with their past. It is extremely rare regionally and it has the potential to yield a great deal of information about the Aboriginal history of the region.

Jabree is keen to conduct further surveys of the area east of Yarrabilba to determine the extent of the Rock Shelter Complex.

In order to survey and map the full extent of the Rock Shelter Complex, Jabree has applied for funding through the Queensland Government to undertake further survey work within Plunkett Conservation Park and Wickham Timber Reserve.

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