Friends of Plunkett Awarded EnviroGrant

Logan City Council’s EnviroGrant program has awarded Friends of Plunkett a grant of $5000 to be used for our planned project  “Revegetation and Restoration of Old Quarry”.


The Old Quarry on Quinzeh Creek Road at Cedar Creek has been badly abused over the years by illegal motor traffic, and is in desperate need of rehabilitation.

The EnviroGrant will assist in paying for plants and materials, but we will need plenty of volunteer labour so watch out for details.

The award ceremony for the EnviroGrant will occur at the  Logan Eco Action Festival (LEAF) event on May 31, 2015. Come along and witness the happy occasion, as well as enjoy the great LEAF happening.

Special thanks to Trisha Rogers for preparing the EnviroGrant submission, and the support of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (Daisy Hill Management Unit).

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