Plunkett Regional Park has been well known to botanists and naturalists for a long time because of its unique flora combinations and its unusual geological nature within the area.

It is a sandstone “plateau” with impressive cliffs (north and east sides), caves and gullies.

The flora is mostly dense heath under eucalypts although certain rainforest species occur in sheltered gullies.

Geodorum densiflorum (Shepherds Crook Orchid)

Geodorum densiflorum (Shepherds Crook Orchid) – Photo T.Rogers

Comesperma hispidulum (Match-sticks) - photo T. Rogers

Comesperma hispidulum (Match-sticks) – photo T. Rogers

Plunkett Plant Species List



If you would like a full plant species list for Plunkett Regional Park, you can download it (in PDF) format by clicking on the link above or on the image opposite.




Check out our stunning gallery of Plunkett flora with many species unique to our Park. Just click this Flora Gallery link.

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