Fallen Tree Suspended in Space

Sometimes an invigourating walk in Plunkett Regional Park will throw up an oddity which defies immediate explanation.

Such a rare sight greeted one of our most dedicated Friends of Plunkett (Frank Jozsef) on a recent morning ramble through the Park.


In Frank’s words:

Went for a walk this morning in the park and noticed a fallen tree, which was most unusual in how it landed!

I went up to have a closer look at how it could possibly have landed as it did.

The stump of the tree is the one just visible on the left and how it fell into this position is a mystery emoticon-surprisedsmile.

It has fallen in the middle of several trees, which appear to support it in this suspended position.

This strange sight is located on Highpoint Break as marked on this map:


Here are a few more photos of Frank’s encounter:

suspended-tree-2 suspended-tree-3 suspended-tree-1


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