Dumping Isn’t Cool

It’s been 18 months or more since Plunkett Regional Park had a good clean-up and it’s been looking really good.

There’s been a couple of dumping incidents at the Quinzeh Creek Road gravel pit, but overall there has been a massive reduction in illegal dumping.

Logan City Council has also been cracking down on illegal dumping along roadsides in the area.

The most recent episode of dumping was in the Wickham Timber Reserve last month and it’s unknown whether it’s from a nearby residents place or been brought in from elsewhere?

Taxpayers foot the bill for the clean-up of these unthoughtful actions.

plunkett dumping nov 2015

Penalties for illegal dumping can be issued via the Forestry Act, Nature Conservation Act or the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act.

Infringements currently range from $117 to several thousand dollars depending on the content and volume of waste.

Any information you might have on illegal dumping in Plunkett can be sent anonymously to Crime Stoppers or Policelink.

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