Diamantina Drive Access Open

Access into the Wickham Timber Reserve for walkers, trail runners, horse riders, mountain bikers and dog walkers has been opened at the end of Diamantina Drive.

Trail bike access is not permitted.

The old trespassing signs have been removed at the end of Diamantina Drive and were probably installed back in the day when Hancock were still managing the area under a lease as a productive pine plantation.

This new entry point provides great access for local residents to enjoy the park for passive recreation uses. The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service encourage the public to use the park for recreation activities.

Old signage below has been removed.

Diamantina Drive access 1
There is a signed horse trail within the reserve for horse riding enthusiasts to enjoy, along with a number of signed walking trails.

One of these walking trails leads walkers to Wickham Peak which has a lookout with views to Brisbane City in the North and Mt Barney in the South. This walk is best done during the cooler parts of the day – see our earlier article on new walking tracks in Plunkett.

Diamantina Drive access 2

When using this new entrance point, please ignore the old firebreak that runs immediately behind resident’s houses, and use the parallel break that is 20 to 30 meters in from the boundary. This will help to avoid disturbing neighbours and reduce the potential for disturbing neighbour’s dogs which can have a tendency to bark.

Diamantina Drive access 3


Motorised access to the park is prohibited with penalties for offences ranging between $227 and $680.

Penalties can be issued for: traversing in a motor vehicle without authority, unregistered vehicle in a Timber reserve and unlicensed operator of vehicle in a Timber reserve.

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