About Us

The Friends of Plunkett community support group operates under the auspices of the Friends of Parks program, a partnership between Conservation Volunteers Australia and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (Daisy Hill branch).

Some of the key goals of Friends of Plunkett are:

  • Protect the integrity of the Park through lobbying, raising community awareness and reporting non-compliance
  • Promote the Park’s activities through online visibility (this website and social media) and conventional media including local newspapers
  • Involvement in clean up days such as “Clean Up Australia Day” activities
  • Perform ongoing maintenance and regeneration projects to improve the quality of the natural bushland
  • Recruit new volunteers and providing training sessions
  • Obtain grants for ongoing remedial work within the Park
  • Develop and operate passive “trail runs” through the Park
  • Conduct education activities in the park, such as flora walks led by volunteers
  • Perform rehabilitation works at identified environmental damaged sites such as –
    • Grasstree Fire Break
    • Black Rock Fire Break
    • Sandstone Fire Break gully crossings
    • On Edge Fire Break
  • Gather, collate and deliver field data to Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Executive for use in developing a sustainable Recreational Strategy for Park aggregation
  • Facilitate new innovative educational processes for the local community (focus on Yarrabilba in conjunction with Lend Lease).


 plunkett regional park sign(Photo courtesy of Aussie Bushwalking)

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